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  • Explore These 4 Parks In St. Augustine, FL

    Florida is a beautiful state full of state parks, botanical gardens, and interesting Florida wildlife. Florida’s oldest city, St. Augustine, is a great place to visit if you want to explore beautiful parks. Some even have a bit of history. Here are the best parks to visit during your next St. Augustine trip.

  • How To Incorporate Nature Into Your Wedding

    If you consider yourself eco-friendly, I’m sure having nature incorporated into your wedding is a high priority. Rustic weddings have become a popular wedding trend in recent years. We love the whimsical, earthy looks that have popped up on modern bridal magazines and blogs. Here’s how to incorporate your love of nature into your big […]

  • How To Spend A Day On Panguitch Lake

    Looking for the perfect place to spend the day communing with nature? Whether you’re an avid fisherman or an outdoor enthusiast, Panguitch Lake in Southwest Utah is for you. Located at an elevation of 8,200 feet on the Colorado Plateau in the Dixie National Forest, this 1,200-acre lake offers majestic views of high meadows and […]

  • Parks To Visit In Portland, OR

    For anyone who enjoys spending time in parks, Portland, Oregon is a prime destination. The city is home to a large number of parks of various sizes. This includes the Mills End Park in downtown Portland. It’s more of a park to drive past than to spend time at because it is the smallest park in […]

  • Juneau, AK Wildlife And Where To Find It

    Alaska, particularly its capital Juneau, is known very well for its exotic, often cold environment, that is teeming with lots of wildlife. However, if you don’t know where to look, you may miss out on quite a bit that Juneau has to offer. While it isn’t a bad idea to find a tour guide for […]

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There is only a month left of summer, but there is still some time left for activities! Summer is one of those times where people are out and about to enjoy the warm weather. When people out enjoying nature in whatever season, they don’t really recognize what they do that could harm the environment. Here are a few last minute summer activities that you can […]

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Everyone also wants to save money on home expenses where they can. A way to do that is to invest in green products and appliances that help you in the long run. For example, insulation or energy efficient appliances can cut your energy bill. But, when trying to sell your home, will your green home help or hurt your home appraisal?

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Santa Fe wedding trends inspire brides-to-be all over the world. Santa Fe is so well known for having weddings that they have wedding expos throughout the year for people to visit and get inspiration from. New Mexico’s natural surroundings and the culture give the perfect place for both wedding inspiration and destinations. Stay tuned throughout this article to see what wedding trends are hot and inspired […]

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From hiking in the San Juan Mountains to fishing in the Animas River, Durango, Colorado is great for people who love the outdoors. Consistently making most writer’s lists of the top places for outdoor recreation, Durango literally offers so many opportunities for outdoor adventure that anyone would be hard pressed to partake in all the Durango area has to offer in one visit. Here is […]

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Albuquerque, New Mexico is a beautiful outdoor location. Albuquerque is home to the Rio Grande River, a river that flows through a desert, and the Sandia Mountains, a popular mountain range. With beautiful artifacts that make up Albuquerque, there are plenty of things to do outdoors that allow guests to enjoy the scenic view. Here are a few fun things to do outside in Albuquerque, […]

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The zero landfill initiative strives to reduce waste to our landfills, maximizing the value of resources and minimizing the impact it has on our planet. According to an article on CNN, most Americans use up to 102 tons of trash per person during their lifespan, so imagine the amount that your business is using.

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Located in southwestern North Carolina’s Rutherford County, Chimney Rock is a small, quaint village situated along the banks of the Rocky Broad River. The town derives its name from the distinctive granite monolith (the Chimney Rock) that rises 315 feet on a summit overlooking the town. Chimney Rock State Park, once a family-owned tourist attraction attraction, developed into a corporation that built a dam and […]

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One of the everyday conveniences that we use, and sometimes take for granted, is light. It is one of life’s greatest necessities. Think about it…we use lighting for practically everything we do. As soon as we wake up in the morning there is light until we go to back to bed at night. Aside from natural lighting, electric light is the most common way humans […]

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Build or renovate is an age old question. Often times it’s in reference to what makes more sense to your family. For example, if your family is expanding and you’re running out of room, building a new and larger home is often the answer. While sometimes, your house is closed off instead of an open concept so renovations make more sense. But which of these […]

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Every day, we’re faced with the reality that almost everything we do in a day impacts the environment. Whether you’re driving to work, forgetting to turn off your kitchen light, or throwing out a bag of trash—we are always impacting our planet in some way. Unfortunately, we affect our planet more negatively than we do positively. Things we may not think about or see daily […]