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A wet basement gives every homeowner a headache because of the damage water can cause to the items stored in the basement. So if you noticed a musty smell as well as mold and mildew growth due to the moisture, something definitely has to be done right away. Calling the services of a contractor may be expensive and cost an average of $28 per square […]

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Mother Nature has not been very kind to the United States this winter. A variety of cities in the central, eastern, and southern regions of the United States have set new daily low temperatures throughout the season. Numerous cities are on track to have record breaking snowfall this winter as well. Between the amount of snowfall and freezing temperatures, many cities are ready for winter […]

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Go Green with Bamboo Panel Track Blinds Looking for a great home renovation project that not only makes your home more environmentally friendly but also creates a safer environment for you and your loved ones? One of the hottest products out on the market today is panel track blinds they are available in a wide array of designs and styles to match any home’s decor, […]

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You might be an animal lover but the unsightly eight-legged creatures and their webs in your room or closet can be very annoying. You can try to ignore that one you just saw in the bathroom, but what if they keep growing more and more? Without using harmful insecticides or pesticides, there are home remedies you can use as natural deterrents to keep those spiders […]

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Whiskey may be labeled a detriment to society by many, but it’s looking to turn its reputation around by contributing to growing biofuel sector. The whiskey industry has long been a wasteful one (only 10% of its outflow is actually turned into whiskey!) and thus has been an area of much attention for environmentalists in places like Scotland, whose whiskey industry tops $6 billion. Enter […]

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The Importance of Natural Gas The United States is standing on a goldmine … almost literally. Natural gas is, by far, the cleanest and among the cheapest fossil fuels in the world and available in great quantity. In fact, at the current consumption rate, natural gas resources in the U.S. could theoretically supply domestic electricity for the next 52 years. That being said, the country’s […]

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You may have heard on the news or read in the paper about brownfields, and the environmental problems they pose, and the legalities companies face in order to take care of them. However, it’s sometimes difficult to understand what a brownfield entails, who is responsible for cleanup, and what can be done to turn a brownfield into a functioning part of society. What are Brownfield […]

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Magnetic induction cooktops have become a popular trend in recent years, and I think they’re pretty neat. Not only do they have a slick, professional design, but they’re also pretty safe and easy to clean. Induction cooking is done both at home by amateur cooks and in restaurants by professional chefs. Although they might look a little questionable as far as performance, magnetic induction cooktops have […]

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With energy costs on the rise, there are many things homeowners can do to reduce such costs. Eco-friendly toilets, energy-efficient lighting, and tankless water heaters can all have a significant impact on your utility bill. Here are some eco-friendly home remodeling tips to consider for a lower energy bill. Light Bulbs There are some simple things you can start with such as replacing the lighting […]

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Water pollution is one of the biggest problems facing the Earth today. Only 3% of the water in the planet is fresh water and a great deal of that water has been rendered unusable for drinking or bathing. Rapid industrialization, and the neglect of the environment and environmental laws has resulted in a water pollution problem all over the world, from first world countries to […]