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Posted by Alexa On September - 13 - 2018 0 Comment
Consumers overwhelming make conscientious decisions to promote the health of the environment, and this extends to their travel plans. While how they get to and from their destinations dramatically impacts the environment, guests know that the hotel where they choose to stay is also important. As a hospitality professional, it makes sense to make thoughtful improvements to your hotel so that you can correctly tout it is being a green lodging option.

Install a Saltwater Pool

Most California hotels have a swimming pool, but chlorinated pools use harsh and damaging chemicals. An alternative is to replace your chlorine pool with a saltwater pool. By doing so, you can dramatically reduce the number of chemicals that your pool requires to remain clean and hygienic. Keep in mind that many people also prefer the experience of swimming in a saltwater pool because it is gentler on their skin.

Use Tinted Window Film

Another excellent idea is to install tinted window film on all windows throughout your hotel. The right film can block UV rays and reduce the expensive impact of solar heating in all guest rooms. Tinted windows can also promote privacy inside the rooms, which many of your guests will appreciate.

Install Solar Panels 

Even when you take full advantage of the benefits of tinted windows, your hotel will still require an ample amount of energy to operate. Rather than pull energy from the grid, a better idea is to install solar panels across the roof of your hotel. Many hotels have huge roofs, which provide you with ample room to install solar panels. In addition to being green, this thoughtful improvement can also help you to reduce overhead and bolster profits going forward. Another way to save energy with light is by installing sensor lights in rooms and hallways that go off and on when people walk by. Eden Vale Inn in Northern California does a great example of this and is working on thermal solar energy throughout their hotel.

Start a Recycling Program

A recycling program tells your guests that you care about the environment, and it is easy to incorporate. To get started, simply invest in a second set of trash cans for each guest room. These will be used as recycling bins. Your housekeeping staff can dispose of the recycled waste in appropriate canisters or bins so that the waste is recycled rather than tossed into the public landfill. Remember to add recycling bins in public areas as well.

Going green at your California hotel is great for business, and it also promotes a healthy environment. These are only a few of the many improvements that you can make around your hotel today. Make an effort to continually look for ways to improve going forward.


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