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If you’re planning on heading out on vacation this year with the intention of spending your time in the outdoors, then you might want to think about visiting Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Eureka Springs has some great outdoor activities for everybody, even if you may not be into hiking or fishing. Below are a few of the best outdoor activities to get you started planning your next trip to Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

Eureka Springs Ziplines
If you love the feel of the wind blowing through your, and the freeness of soaring through the sky, then you might want to consider going ziplining next time you’re in Eureka Springs. You’ll not only enjoy soaring through the air, but you’ll also enjoy sightseeing breathtaking forest, cliffs, and hills while you zip through the forest.

Cave Tours
Sometimes it can be a little warm while vacationing in the summertime at Eureka Springs, however, you can stay cool exploring the incredible cave systems of Arkansas. Overall, caves in Eureka Springs actually stay a nice cool consistent temperature all year round, both in the summer and the winter. If you want to explore a cave by yourself, then you can go on a self-guided tour of the Onyx Cave system, which is only a few minutes from Eureka Springs. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a tour with a guide, head on over to the amazing Cosmic Caverns. As for the year-round temperature of the caves, the Onyx cave system stays at a cool 57 degrees, while the Cosmic Caverns stays approximately at 64 degrees.

Wildlife Reserve 
Who doesn’t like seeing big exotic cats? Well, in Eureka Springs you can visit the Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge and see a wide range of big cats and other animals. A few big cats and other animals of note that you can see include tigers, cougars, lions, a grizzly bear, and black bears. Also at this reserve, you not only can enjoy a guided tour, but you can also enjoy the adventure of a self-guided tour.

There are so many other great outdoor activities to do at Eureka Springs Arkansas. If you love the outdoors, we recommend staying with Beaver Lake Cottages while you’re there for amazing views of Beaver Lake and proximity to Eureka Springs’ outdoor attractions. Get out there and explore!


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