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There are many ways that you can utilize renewable energy in your home. Even making simple changes can save you money and help the environment. Tax incentives for installing renewable energy sources can also help make the transition affordable. Be sure to check your local building codes before you settle on an option.

Green Power

Since you are likely already connected to the power grid, it might make more sense to simply switch the kind of power you are getting from your provider instead of trying to create your own power. Call your current provider and ask if they offer alternative power sources. However, this is often more expensive than sticking to your current choice, so it is an option fit for people who just want to go green with their power but don’t have the infrastructure to create their own.


Solar energy is becoming more and more cost-efficient every year. It can be a great investment for those looking to reduce their environmental impact while simultaneously cutting their utility costs. Solar panels are usually installed on roofs or in yards and only a few square feet are usually necessary to cover your power needs, depending on the amount of energy you use. Solar power is the most effective for covering the energy costs you incur during the day unless you can harvest enough and store it. However, you can have panels installed to cover your daytime energy costs and remain connected to the grid so that you can still power your house at night. Solar power can be used for electricity or to heat and cool your home.

While solar panels provide active solar power, you can also utilize passive solar power in your home. Installing more windows, improving insulation, and adding shade trees are all ways you can utilize solar energy without installing panels.


Geothermal Heat Pumps utilize the Earth’s constant temperature underneath the surface to heat and cool homes and heat water. While they can be expensive to install, you will see a return on your investment through energy savings in about 5 years.


While windmills aren’t an option for everyone, they can be a great choice for people with enough land living in an area with a sufficient amount of wind. Small wind electric systems can be cost-effective and can be connected to the power grid or stand alone.

This is a guest post contributed to by Ecotelligent Homes, an energy auditor serving the Metro Detroit area.


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