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Great charities and nonprofits can be hard to find. Some squander what they’re given on unnecessary overhead costs while others are more of a publicity stunt than anything else. Some, if not most, charities are worth giving to, however. This post highlights some of the best in Los Angeles and covers a wide range of needs.


#SaveLACougars is a campaign run by the National Wildlife Federation. The federation works with local stakeholders to protect mountain lions in and around Southern California. Part of this includes securing their habitat in order to give the big cats space to roam and keep them and the state’s residents safe. They also advocate for a wildlife crossing to be built over the Ventura Freeway to link the protected habitats on either side and reduce the number of animals risking their lives by crossing the freeway.

Dodgers Foundation’s Blue Circle

This program seeks to help children by promoting healthy lifestyles and helping them reach academic success. They work on baseball fields, in community centers, and in schools in the L.A. area to help children become the best they can be. They’ve even built 3 Dreamfields to create a safe place for children to play, and have impacted millions of children through their various efforts.

LA Parks Foundation

This foundation was created to support the efforts of the City of Los Angeles Recreation and Parks Department. With all of the other major problems to tackle, parks often become underfunded and under cared for, but this foundation raises money to close the gap and make its city’s parks the best they can be. It helps improve park facilities, restore and preserve historic aspects of each park, improve park environments, purchase property for future parks, and support the parks department’s sustainability efforts.

Lakers Youth Foundation

Similar to the Dodgers Foundation’s Blue Circle, the Lakers Youth Foundation helps kids grow by supporting them in education, sports, and health and wellness. It does this through active participation from Lakers team members (such as visiting local schools and youth centers), by providing much-needed resources to children who need them, and by awarding grants that support similar initiatives.

LASPA Cares for Kids

The LASPA (Los Angeles Sheriff’s Professional Foundation) Cares for Kids program tackles a highly under-funded and ignored topic when it comes to charities: sight. The program supplies eye examinations and prescription eyeglasses to children in families who otherwise could not receive these things due to financial hardship. It is almost entirely funded by L.A. businesses like SCMH.

Los Angeles Mission

Unlike most charities, Los Angeles Mission does not target one particular age group or gender. It helps men, women, and children across the Los Angeles area whose lives have been affected by substance abuse and “poor lifestyle choices”. Each person that comes to them is helped to turn their life around and to get the support they need.


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