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Alaska, particularly its capital Juneau, is known very well for its exotic, often cold environment, that is teeming with lots of wildlife. However, if you don’t know where to look, you may miss out on quite a bit that Juneau has to offer. While it isn’t a bad idea to find a tour guide for your visit, you can also do a bit of research beforehand to figure out exactly what you want to see and try to encounter while visiting the vast Alaskan wilderness.

According to the official Juneau Wildlife Viewing Guide, you can find lots of different types of wildlife located around or very close to this busy city. For instance, if you are interested in seeing birds in their natural environment, a visit to the Stikine River area is in order. For the national bird of the USA, a trip to Haines is your ideal day.

If you are more interested in viewing bears, moose, marmots, and porcupines in the wild, Granite Creek and Mount Juneau are your cup of tea. There are also multiple boating trips that last from a few hours to days on end that can provide you with a lovely view of harbor seals, herons, sea lions, whales, and even natural glaciers. Maybe if you are lucky, you can catch some of the famous Alaskan King Crabs. If you are interested in seeing what the waters truly have to offer, off-shore fun fishing trips are available as well.

Searching Alaska’s official website can provide you with information about catching the salmon run at Steep Creek. Amalga Harbor is a wonderful place for whale watching and for viewing seabirds and fish alike. There are also wetland trails for bird watching and a rain forest trail that is also well known for watching the salmon fishermen and humpback whales.

All in all, Alaska is full of beautiful wildlife and if you take the time to do a bit of research, you are bound to see lots of things that you have never seen before in the wild. From fishing and hiking to boat trips and camping for those more experienced travelers, there is something to behold for everyone in Juneau. Plan your trip and visit for a real taste of the great outdoors. A Stay at Silverbow Inn will ensure you’re close to all of the wildlife adventure that Juneau has to offer.


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