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As the bitter cold begins to lose its grip on the Midwest, anglers begin to dream of days of catching their allowed limits of fish on Lake Michigan. Beautiful Lake Michigan offers some of the best fishing anywhere.

There are many charter boat companies on the 1660 miles of Lake Michigan shoreline in the states of Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, and Wisconsin. Many people choose to trust expert boat captains in finding the best fishing. Spring is the season for catching chinook (king) salmon, coho salmon, brown trout, perch, lake trout, and steelheads (rainbow trout).

The warmer water flowing from inland streams and rivers attract the baitfish; therefore, luring the predator fish. Harbor areas are excellent locations for fishing in early spring.

Brown trout are some of the first fish to be caught in spring in Lake Michigan. A near record 33.45 pound brown trout was reeled in on the charter boat “Reel Teaser” while on the lake. You may not be able to catch a fish of such size, but the chances of you catching an 8 pound (average) brown trout is excellent.

The perch is another fish to make an early appearance in the spring in Lake Michigan. Late March when water temperature is about 38 degrees, the males begin appearing in 40-70 feet depths near structures not too far from shore. Females join them when the temperature reaches the low forties. An excellent time to catch jumbo perch is now before spawning begins. Jumbo perch can be as long as 16 inches. They are most often caught when fishing 6 inches to 3 feet above bottom of the lake.

The chinook (king) salmon is a delicious white meat fish that is prized for its size, averaging 15 pounds, but can weigh 20-25 pounds or more. The chinook (king) salmon move to southern Lake Michigan in the fall, but in the spring they return following the same route going north. The following fall they return to the stream where they began. The chinook salmon as well as the coho salmon can be caught in the waters of Lake Michigan in the spring.

Charter boat fishing offers the best opportunity for a good day of fishing on Lake Michigan. The cost of an excursion may hinder some, but each state on the shores of Lake Michigan has piers and shoreline that enable anyone an opportunity to enjoy fishing. If you’re looking to stay in Michigan for a fishing trip, Lakeshore Lodging offers luxury vacation rentals near Lake Michigan.


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