North American Coalition for Maintaining Mother Earth

Posted by Leland On October - 14 - 2016 0 Comment

Printing; safe for the environment? Not really, but there are ways you can improve the impact printing does have on the environment. More and more companies involved in printing and print media are becoming conscious of the negative effects and are trying to reduce them as much as possible. You can follow in their footsteps by following these simple tips.


Recycle your paper: Seems simple enough, but it is extremely important. By just tossing your papers in the trash you are forcing a demand for more paper. By recycling it you are giving the paper the opportunity to refuel itself instead of causing a need for more.


Use recycled paper: That’s right, not only can you recycle your paper but you can buy recycled paper and use it for your printer. It is the same concept as recycling your paper. By buying recycled paper you are lessening the demand for newly formed paper and lessening the demand for trees to be cut down.


Print on both sides: Unless there is some very strict reason why you cannot: print on both sides. This can cut your paper needs in half, literally. And think of the money you could save on staples!


Proofread on the computer: It is understandable that some people struggle reading from the computer screen and need to print out papers in order to edit and proofread. The more you proofread on the computer the fewer times you will have to reprint the same thing.


Turn off your printer: Conserve not only your paper but also your energy. If you are not using your print all the time, turn it off. If you have a printer in the office, turn it off overnight and especially over the weekends.

As stated before there are a lot of companies that are taking measures to improve their environmental impact. Like Modern Litho, a publication printing service, who understands the implications of printing and wants to decrease their impact on the environment. You can do this too, by following these simple steps.


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