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Posted by Leland On September - 28 - 2016 0 Comment

By now we all know that saving energy means saving money, and because of that we are always looking for new ways to improve our energy use. Well, with the days growing colder it is getting harder and harder not to turn on that heat. We are here to tell you that it is okay to turn on the heat, but try to keep it reasonable. The most efficient temperature to keep your heater at is anywhere from 60 to 65 degrees fahrenheit, but most people like to keep it closer to 68 degrees, which seems a lot more reasonable. If you like to bump the heat in the winter, we understand, we are here to tell you about the most efficient home heating systems.


Geothermal heating: This is a kind of heat pump that uses the earth’s natural heat to warm outside air. It will pump air from outside, into the ground, where the air conducts heat, and then it will be pumped into your home. Other than solar panels this is one of the most efficient ways to heat your home. Of course, with that always comes the installation cost. When choosing this system you have to compare the cost of installation to the amount of money it will save you in the long run.

Wood heating: Wooding heating is pretty self explanatory. This is a wood burning heating system. This is efficient because the emissions are not as unhealthy as other forms. However if you live in a large home, or a home in the city, the amount of wood and the access to wood makes this form of heating a lot less efficient.

Heat pump (non-geothermal): These are just two-way air conditioners. When it comes to heating it will pull air in from outside, heat it and pump it into your home. However, if the air outside gets to a point where it is too cold, the Heat pump falls back on it’s back up. This is where it uses electricity to cause friction to heat the air. This will cause your electric bill to skyrocket. So, if you live in more northern regions, where it gets below freezing in the winter, this may not be the heating system for you.

Natural gas heating: This is the most common form of furnace. It will heat air with a natural gas burner. The efficiency of this system depends on your use. This is system is only more efficient than oil and electric heating systems. This is a system where you are going to want to watch the temperature at which you have your heat set. As for installation it is the cheapest option as most homes already have the natural gas heating system installed.

When choosing a home heating system it is also important to understand what is the best fit for you and your home. Just because geothermal heating is more efficient than natural gas heating, does not mean that it is the best system for your home. So do research to see which type of home heating system is most efficient for your home layout and the region in which you live. Then of course try and keep your heat as low as you possibly can this winter, get as close to 65 as you can. Just remember to bundle up.

This article is from guest contributor North Winds Heating & Cooling Inc a company that sells home heating and cooling systems.


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