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Posted by Alexa On July - 27 - 2016 0 Comment

There is only a month left of summer, but there is still some time left for activities! Summer is one of those times where people are out and about to enjoy the warm weather. When people out enjoying nature in whatever season, they don’t really recognize what they do that could harm the environment. Here are a few last minute summer activities that you can do finish out the summer that are also eco-friendly.

Make a bird feeder: Since there is a lot of trash, garbage, and junk in the world today, bird feeders help the birds eat what they are supposed to. A benefit of having bird feeders near your house is that you can see all of the colorful birds that come by. Check this bird feeder DIY activity to create your bird feeder!

Visit your local farmer’s market: Support locally grown produce, vegetables, and fruit, by visiting a farmer’s market near you! Discover why natural ingredients grown near you are better for you and the environment.

Visit nature reserves: Look at the beauty that nature provides for us as humans by visiting nature preserves in your area. Nature reserves are areas of land that are taken care of to preserve its natural features. Botanical gardens is a type of natural reserve that you can go visit for fun, and even for scientific study.

Start your own garden: Since the end of summer is approaching, plant annual flowers that can last throughout fall. This will also help you get a jump start for next year. Here is a list of annual flowers that you can plant in August. You could also plant bee friendly flowers that will grow next year to help save the bees!

Go sunset chasing: This activity will get you out to find the best sunsets in the wilderness. You can find what time the sun will set in your area at

Eco-friendly crafts: DIY crafts are always a fun activity no matter what time of the year it is! For summer, you could plant an herb garden in your house to use for cooking. Planting plants is not only good for the environment, it will also benefit you by having fresh herbs available and saving you money on groceries.

This guest post is contributed by Pinehurst Inn, a bed and breakfast located in Bayfield, WI that also is an eco-friendly bed and breakfast.


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