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Everyone also wants to save money on home expenses where they can. A way to do that is to invest in green products and appliances that help you in the long run. For example, insulation or energy efficient appliances can cut your energy bill. But, when trying to sell your home, will your green home help or hurt your home appraisal?


  • Having a green home can help your home appraisal if the person looking for a new house is interested in having an energy efficient home. If you show them that the new person moving in can save money with the energy efficient appliances, this could help you out.
  • If the appraiser is knowledgeable about the benefits of green appliances, than notifying them that you have them might help you out as well.


  • Having an all green home might not help you out because not all appraisers are up to date on the benefits of green appliances. “Going green” is still shockingly a new concept to some people, and not everyone is educated on that subject.
  • What most people are looking for in a home, such as the materials that make up a home, aren’t necessarily considered green. For example, most homes are made out of wood, have wooden finishes, have marble counter tops, or a combination of all of the above. The demand for those types of homes are higher than the demand for green homes.
  • Some of the benefits of green homes appraisers won’t see when they inspect the interior of the exterior of your home. For example, they won’t see the green insulation that you have in the walls that saves you plenty of dollars.

How to Help the Appraisal of Your Green Home

In conclusion, it has been said that having a green home won’t truly help everyone during the appraisal process until the demand for green homes in the market goes up, or until more appraisers are up to date on the benefits of energy efficient homes.

About the Author: Lana is a guest contributor from Midwest Appraisal Management, an appraisal management serving Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana, and Florida.


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