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carbon-footprintEvery day, we’re faced with the reality that almost everything we do in a day impacts the environment. Whether you’re driving to work, forgetting to turn off your kitchen light, or throwing out a bag of trash—we are always impacting our planet in some way. Unfortunately, we affect our planet more negatively than we do positively. Things we may not think about or see daily can even impact the planet.  Sometimes, our carbon footprints can begin with something as simple as the way a company manufacturers a product you buy regularly. It’s important for us to think about our daily choices and how each thing we do can affect our planet.

Here’s what you can do to reduce your impact on the earth. Every little bit helps.

  1. Eat and buy locally-produced food.

Grow your own garden, or shop at the local farmer’s market. The vendors at a farmer’s market are generally local vendors with farms nearby. Locally-produced, organic food does not depend on as many shipments as food from other states or overseas do. This cuts down on greenhouse gas emissions immensely. You’re also helping your local economy by shopping local.

  1. Limit your showers to 10 minutes.

Yes, people do actually take 20-30 minute showers. A shower also requires much more than water. You are using energy to pump, heat, and treat the water you bathe in. Limit you showers and make better water-efficient choices altogether.

  1. Don’t speed while driving.

You shouldn’t speed regardless as it’s illegal and unsafe. To put speeding in another perspective: it reduces your mileage by up to 33 percent, therefore wastes gas and your money, and as a result, increases your carbon footprint.

  1. Avoid driving when you can.

If you need something quick from the store, but the store is a few miles away and you have the option to walk to a nearby convenience store, choose the latter. Walk when you can. Bike to work if you can. Carpool if you have the option. Avoiding driving greatly reduces your carbon footprint.

  1. Turn off lights when you leave a room.

Easy enough? Believe it or not, many people forget to turn off lights when they exit a room. You can also replace incandescent light bulbs with more energy efficient LED lights.

  1. Unplug small electrical appliances when not in use.

You can conserve energy by unplugging counter appliances when not in use. For example, I typically keep my Keurig and toaster oven unplugged when I am not using them and only plug them in when I am.

  1. Line dry your laundry.

Instead of using a dryer for your laundry (which uses quite a bit of energy), opt to line dry instead. Still gets the job done without using all that energy.

  1. Plan eco-friendly events when you can.

Having a birthday party or a bridal shower? Plan your events with eco-friendly ideas in mind. Check out the eco-friendly wedding tips from The Perfect Card Box to plan your big day.

  1. Use solar panels.

Take advantage of other energy resources, like solar power or wind power. Solar panels are a big trend right now and they can reduce your carbon footprint immensely. Homeowners have been placing them on their roofs to draw energy, which is much more efficient.

  1. Run outside instead of running on a treadmill.

So many of us have gym passes, but the act of driving to and from the gym and using electric machines increases greenhouse gas emissions. Instead, why not run outside? You’ll save money on gas, reduce your carbon footprint, and get to enjoy the great outdoors.

Even if you can’t reduce your carbon footprint, there are many ways you can offset your carbon footprint. For starters, grow a garden or plant a tree to neutralize your impact on the planet.

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