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Cape-CodOne of the best parts of Cape Cod is its beauty along the islands. Cape Cod has many protected areas throughout its islands that are run by both the state of Massachusetts and the local authorities. Upkeeping the islands is so important to the community. That’s why sustainable tourism is such an important factor being increasingly upheld in the area.

Visiting Cape Cod any time of the year is beautiful, and as a visitor, ecotourism and sustainable travel should be incorporated into daily routines.

What is sustainable tourism? It’s a form of travel where individuals are conscientious of their actions, aware of the environment, and respectful to the environment, as well. Ultimately, it’s the practice of being mindful of the different environments you travel to and explore–in this case, the islands of Cape Cod, which are home to many natural environments.

Traveling to Cape Cod sometime soon? Here’s how you can benefit the environment and the community along the beautiful islands:

Sustainable Travel and Ecotourism

Hotels and inns use a lot of water, but those within Cape Cod are beginning to focus more on the environment for many reasons. One reason in particular is that water is very precious to Cape Cod due to the limitations of the region’s one aquifer. Conserving water in the region has begun to play a vital role in the community of Cape Cod, and ecotourism is also playing a part.

Be aware of the “hidden costs” of using water. By this, we mean be aware of your actions that could result in more water being used–without you really knowing it. Perhaps hang up the towels in your bathroom if they don’t need to be changed. At restaurants in the region, you might not receive water unless you request it. Consider using a water bottle. The water you order in a glass not only uses the water you drink, but also the water it takes to clean the glass.

Ethical Travel–Benefiting the Community

While traveling anywhere, it’s always nice to support the economy and the community while visiting. This can be done a number of ways, often times without giving it much thought. Some great ways to benefit the Cape Cod community while visiting are:

  • Shop at a local farmer’s market on Cape Cod. You can find several local markets at
  • Stay at a local hotel or inn. The islands are full of wonderful locally-owned bed and breakfasts, including The Whalewalk Inn & Spa.
  • Visit and shop at local stores that employ local workers.

Be aware of your actions while traveling wherever you go, including Cape Cod. The beautiful islands are definitely a sight to see and it’s important not to leave your carbon footprint as a tourist. Additionally, support the community you visit. You might learn a thing or two from the locals!


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