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Posted by Leland On October - 1 - 2015 0 Comment

There’s a reason public transit is available in most major cities from Los Angeles to New York City. Personal vehicles are swallowing up larger cities with their fumes and greenhouse gases. In fact, public transportation is nearly everywhere, yet so many people disregard busses, subways, and trains. That’s why there is public transportation–because we simply ignore it and need it. But, we’d rather drive our cars.

Some car companies try to be on the “greener” side by proving their vehicles don’t emit greenhouse gases that harm our environment, but it doesn’t help that car manufacturers like Volkswagen has been cheating on their emissions tests in the United States. Car companies aren’t helping their case.

It’s true that transportation is the largest contributing factor of pollution. Vehicle pollution contributes to most of the world’s air pollution, and it’s because we don’t take steps to try to stop it.

Here are five reasons why you should take public transportation more often:

1. It Reduces Carbon Monoxide Emissions
If only one out of five Americans chose to take public transportaion daily, 20 percent of our carbon monoxide emissions would be saved. That would be greater than the combined emissions of chemical plants and metal processing industries.

2. Taking Public Transportation Reduces Carbon Dioxide
Just as dangerous as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide is a very common greenhouse gas that is destroying our ozone. United States public transportation saves 37 million metric tons of carbon dioxide annually.

3. Public Transportation is a Green Industry (and Getting Greener!)
Public Transportation companies know that their riders are using their buses, subways, and trains for good reason–because they may not have a car, or there isn’t enough parking, or they simply want to help the environment.

A lot of bus depots have been installing solar canopies to off-set power usage, and many bus companies are turning to natural gas-fueled buses instead of diesel-fueled.

4. Public Transportation Saves the U.S. (and You) Gasoline
Public transportation saves the United States 4.2 billion gallons of gasoline each year (that’s more than 11 million gallons of gas per day), meaning if you choose to take public transit more, you’ll also be saving yourself quite a chunk of change on gas.

5. It Helps Create “Greener” Jobs
The more people utilize public transit, the more jobs there will be. Public transportation services are getting greener each year with new installments that continue to improve our environment.

New jobs help boost the economy. With capital projects, the United States can create millions of new green jobs for our nation.


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