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Beautiful, fragrant lavender remains one of the most useful plants. The lovely purple blossoms clustered on green silvery stems reward gardeners in a variety of ways. Just consider these great ideas for adding lavender to your home and backyard environment:
Use Number One: A Garden Flower

Lavender remains one of the most popular garden flowers in temperate climates. Not only does the plant resist drought well, offering lovely blossoms with relatively little effort on the part gardeners, but stands of lavender will repel bunny rabbits and deer and attract bees and butterflies.

Use Number Two: Lavender Potpourri

Potpourri offers a very popular use for lavender blossoms. Drying a few of them and adding them to a mixture of dried rose petals in a lace sachet can provide a great decorative item around the home.

Use Number Three: Feed Honeybees

In some areas of the Mediterranean, honey growers raise fields of lavender as a primary (or only) food for honey bees. The plant reportedly contributes to the production of very high quality bee products.

Use Number Four Candied Baking Decorations

Another great use for lavender pleases bakers. Colorful lavender blossoms when candied offer attractive decorations for cakes and other desserts.

Use Number Five: A Pillow Stuffer

Drying lavender blossoms and then incorporating them inside pillows and cushions can offer a great way to add a little fragrance to home furnishings. The aroma will fade eventually, but the sweet smell refreshes rooms in the meantime.

Use Number Six: Fragrances

People who enjoy working with oils and who possess access to a press sometimes make lavender oils. These function well as perfume additives, due to lavender’s exceptional natural fragrance.

Use Number Seven: Stunning Table Centerpieces

Dry a bouquet of lavender to obtain a memorable table centerpiece. The vivid purple colors also provide a beautiful cut flower display.

Use Number Eight: Coloring Additive

Bakers sometimes color powdered sugar using lavender blossoms in small quantities in order to obtain icings with a purple hue. The color can contribute to a festive dessert table or cupcake tray.

Use Number Nine: Herbal Coffees or Teas

Lavender sometimes constitutes an ingredient in herbal coffees or teas. Its distinctive flavor contributes to the aroma of the hot beverage.

Use Number Ten: Home Made Soap Additive

The flower also frequently donates its charming fragrance and purple color to home made soap preparations. Lavender soaps contain a sweet, lingering aromatic quality.

About the Author: Ginny from the George Washington Inn, a bed and breakfast that is home to a large lavender field.


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