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Posted by Leland On June - 22 - 2015 0 Comment

Wedding-Rose-Cannons2So your wedding day is right around the corner and you’re thinking of a million ways to decorate and get the word out about the day you say “I do,” but what you may not realize is you’re thinking of a million ways to harm the enviornment. Many simple wedding ideas actually lead to ideas that are bad for our planet.

According to Green Bride Guide, it’s estimated that each of the 2.5 million weddings each year produce an average of 62 tons of carbon dioxide and between 400 and 600 pounds of garage. That’s a lot of waste! (And a lot of no good for the environment.)

Weddings are beautiful ceremonies but don’t let yours be a statistic. There are many alternatives to go green on your wedding day.

1. Instead of plastic confetti, use lavendar or rose petals.
Glitter and sparkly confetti sure looks nice, but have you ever stopped to think where all that plastic goes after your guests throw it? One more thing to add to landfills. It seems like a minor detail, but even leaving your TV plugged in when it’s not in use is a minor detail. Opt for lavendar or rose petals. They will still look just as vibrant and colorful in your photos, and they’re such a natural confetti to use. They are biodegradable and if thrown outdoors, may not require as much clean up. This type of confetti not only will help the environment, but they also smell great and leave a lasting impact.

WEDDING-UMBRELLA-92. Use umbrella decor instead of balloons.
Balloons make wonderful wedding decor. What they don’t make is anything good for the environement–well, neither do umbrellas, but they aren’t harming the environment either. Balloons are not very “green.” After their use, they end up in a landfill, are harmful to birds and other animals, and you may have heard about the shortage of helium. Try umbrellas instead. They make a very classy decor and are not your conventional decoration–your guests will be pleased and in awe at the creation. You can rent or borrow them, and they won’t end up in the landfill after the wedding.

3. Instead of paper programs, use one sustainable program as a decoration.
It’s not a wedding without a multitude of paper products, but things like invitations, programs, and other paper products always have an alternative. If you’re willing to go completely paperless, you can avoid paper invitations at all costs, and send out invites electronically–some guests may even need a virtual map anyway. For programs, opt for a large sustainable decoration that lists everyone’s names. It will be beautiful decor and diminish the garage at the end of the day.

About the Author: Gabby is a guest contributor from The Perfect Card Box, providing custom photo card boxes for any celebration, including weddings.


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