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SunThe Sun is quite amazing as it produces the energy, light, and heat that is required in order to sustain life on this planet and it won’t be disappearing for millions of years. As a constant source of energy it is constantly over looked and few people take advantage of the sun as they could. While these ideas really aren’t revolutionary you should definitely implement them to save yourself money and help the environment.

Light and Heat Your Home

Natural light is far more preferable than incandescent or fluorescent bulbs. Take advantage of the sun by building your home so that it has open windows facing the sun, especially south to get the most overhead light during the day. The light will fill your home with rich natural light and during the winter it can heat up your home saving you a big bill when it comes to heating costs. If you are building your own home make sure that you have good south facing windows and maximum insulation on the north.

Energize the Batteries

The efficiency of solar energy has increased dramatically throughout the years where it used to costs $100 to collect one watt of energy it now only costs $4. As the years roll on the cost will continue to decrease making it even more cost effective helping you pay off the initial investment more quickly. There are a number of different technologies available when it comes to solar energy but the most common still is installing solar panels. If you are interested check out your state and country tax incentives and then look to get Helios 260 watt panels (or something similar) installed on your roof or in the backyard.

Cook Your Food

Cooking your food can be a mundane chore or a scientific experiment for the kids. When I grew up I remember creating simple aluminum foil boxes that reflected the sun’s light and helped my mom and I cook hotdogs. However, the technology of solar ovens has come quite a way where now you can find a 21 lb. oven that will last 20 years and reach temperatures of 360 degrees, quite different than my hotdog stint.

Treat Your Water

This one is more of a fun mention but in many areas around the world the water is not safe to drink and they need a method to disinfect it. By leaving the water in plastic bottles exposed to the sun for six hours you can cleanse the water as the sun’s ultraviolet rays kill any bacteria or organisms. Think on that next time you go for a long hike in the woods and run out of water.

Dry Your Clothes

When you dry your clothing in the dryer inside the house it is the heat that is evaporating the water and removing it from your wet clothing. The sun performs the same function providing waves of heat that reach the earth’s surface and help dry your clothing. Having a clothesline will help you use less energy saving you money and helping the environment.

Boost Your Health

In today’s world humans just aren’t out under the sun as much as they used to be. I am sitting inside right now as I write up this article. However, what I am denying myself is the needed Vitamin D in my system that is best provided through sunlight. Head outside or sit next to a window to catch a few rays and boost your health (natural beats artificial care pills any day). There are also more cosmetic benefits sun exposure. If you wear the proper protection you can enjoy a healthy glow to your skin and bleach to your hair without risking melanoma.

For more tips on going green, visit the No-Nonsense Guide to Going Green on the NACMME website.


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