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Solar vs. Wind PowerThe hunt for clean energy sources has led many to conclude that the best possible options for clean energy, at least at this point in time, are either that of solar or wind powered energy. These two forms of energy, solar and wind power, are likewise hotly contested as not being the best possible option for clean energy due to various drawbacks and limitations that each are perceived to have.

The debate between which clean energy source is the best and which should be abandoned may not make a difference in the long run, as both will likely continue to develop in both practical use and commonality in the future. But by looking at the advantages and disadvantages of each, a person will be able to decide for themselves which of the two forms of clean energy they believe is the best.

First, one should consider the pros and cons of solar power. One of the overarching pros to solar power is that harnessing energy from the sun is both clean and effective through the proper installment of solar panels on solar tile mounts.

Garnering power from the sun offers individuals the ability to power their private homes inexpensively and through the natural reserves of energy that are offered by the sun’s light. Solar panels today are highly effective at both gaining and storing solar energy and make the practical applications of solar powered homes more readily available to all homeowners.

The cons to solar power that are often cited include the high instillation costs of solar panels and the variance in power output as it is dependent on sun light. The lower the exposure to direct sunlight, the less energy the solar panels are able to produce, which in turn makes for a con to solar panel in the minds of many individuals and homeowners.

Wind power, or energy derived from windmills harnessing the power of wind through the turning of turbines, is the other side of the clean energy debate. Similar to solar power, wind power is seen as a form of clean energy because it uses a naturally occurring and reproducing form of power to generate usable energy.

The pros to wind energy include the low costs per unit and the low maintenance costs on multiple windmill units. These two attributes of wind power combine to make wind energy one of the least expensive energy manufacturers per unit of energy produced.

The cons to wind power, similar again to solar power, are the inconsistency of power from wind in some locations. Additionally, the eye sore of vast fields of windmills stretching across open areas makes for many local residences to despise the wind power systems.

Just like with most other things, the debate between which form of clean energy is the best will likely continue on for many years. The differences and the pros and cons of both solar and wind powered energy create the foundation for debate between experts and laymen alike, but by being educated on what the main advantages and disadvantages are of each, a person will be able to make up their own mind on which source of clean energy they would prefer to rise to the top of the clean power debate.


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