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Posted by Mikalah On July - 8 - 2013 0 Comment

With the iPhone and other smart phones, it’s easy to move more and more of your life to paperless options and help the environment. If you’re interested in taking the next step toward using your phone for good, download these eco-friendly apps!

1. Skeptical Science

For the argumentative green folks out there, this free app will give you lots of ammunition in your next climate change debate. The app produces counterarguments to many of the most common arguments cited by climate change skeptics so that you can refute their claims with ease. Thanks to the feedback feature, the app is continuously working to outsmart the skeptics and get everyone fighting climate change.

2. GoodGuide

If ethical grocery shopping seems a daunting task, download this app to make your life easier. Just scan the barcode of an item to get the brand’s ratings on both healthiness and environment and social record. It’s particularly useful in comparing brands and deciding whether a brand that touts itself as “green” is really worth the price.

3. greenMeter

This app uses accelerometer data to measure your driving habits and let you know how to make them more environmentally friendly. Driving with this a few times will soon have you accelerating properly to use less fuel, saving your wallet and the earth. Many new cars already have this feature, but for those with older models, this app does the job well.

4. Light it Right

If your kids are always playing games on your iPhone, have them try this one. Light it Right is a fun multi-level game that teaches kids how to use lights properly and energy efficiently. Even adults often have something to learn about using lights efficiently.

5. One Stop Green Mobile

This all-purpose app offers a ton of great green living tips. It also provides water, lighting, wind, and solar energy calculators. With the tools provided in this free app, you can even conduct an energy audit on your home and get tips on how to be more eco-friendly and energy efficient in the home.


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