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Magnetic induction cooktops have become a popular trend in recent years, and I think they’re pretty neat. Not only do they have a slick, professional design, but they’re also pretty safe and easy to clean. Induction cooking is done both at home by amateur cooks and in restaurants by professional chefs.

Although they might look a little questionable as far as performance, magnetic induction cooktops have the same amount of power and adjustability as other stoves, and they operate without fumes, flames, or environmental side effects. The technology has improved a great deal in recent years, making them better than ever before.


Conventional stoves generate heat around the cooking container while the magnetic induction cooktop produces heat through the cooking container. Powered by clean electricity, induction elements are more powerful than standard electrical burners. Induction cooking is simply a matter of plugging in the cooktop, and there are no dangerous fumes or flames to contend with.

All cookware must be magnetic for induction to work. Any cookware a magnet will stick to works fine, but pot and pans made from copper, aluminum, or pyrex will not absorb the electromagnetic energy. An iron overlay is necessary for these type pots and pans.

How they Work

The induction element consists of a ceramic cover over an electronic device that produces electromagnetic energy. The electromagnetic elements on a magnetic induction cooktop are marked by circles on top of the unit. When a cooking pan made out of iron or stainless steel is placed inside the electromagnetic field, the magnetic energy is transferred and then becomes heat.

This heat is confined to the pan and its contents. Once the pan is removed from the cooktop, no more heat is generated. In other words, induction stoves use only the amount of energy needed, making them a great green cooking option. This TreeHugger article provides an overview and reviews of some of the most energy efficient models.

Other Facts

These cooktops are a great choice for anyone, but especially for those living in small apartments or spaces. Most induction cooktops do not come with ovens, but many people purchase a separate oven to install below their cooktops. In fact, induction ovens have recently been released, so convection ovens are not the only choice.

Induction cooking, as exemplified by the GE Profile induction cooktop, is an extremely safe and energy efficient method of cooking and you can find out more about it at


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