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With energy costs on the rise, there are many things homeowners can do to reduce such costs. Eco-friendly toilets, energy-efficient lighting, and tankless water heaters can all have a significant impact on your utility bill. Here are some eco-friendly home remodeling tips to consider for a lower energy bill.

Light Bulbs

There are some simple things you can start with such as replacing the lighting in your home. Changing from incandescent bulbs to energy-efficient bulbs may not save you a lot of money initially, but over-time the savings will add up. Energy-efficient bulbs will last about five years longer and they use five times less energy. Many of these lights are brighter from incandescent bulbs. It will take a few seconds for them to reach full power to give you a brighter room.

Tankless Water Heater

A great way to conserve water and energy is by getting rid of your water heater. Replace it with a new tankless water heater. These systems require less energy and they provide you with instant hot water. A homeowner will find a significant impact on their gas, energy, and water bill. You are no longer storing several gallons of water and heating it throughout the day and night. Now, water is heated through the tankless water heater and sent directly to your shower or faucet. It will not store 40 or more gallons and only heats what you need to use.

Water-Saving Toilet

Change the toilets in your home to water-saving toilets. Some models will include a sink combination, which is great for smaller bathrooms. The water-saving toilet can save you thousands of gallons of water each year. A traditional toilet is using about five times the amount of water that it needs to. A water-conserving toilet will only use .08 gallon of water per flush. Installing a toilet is pretty easy, especially since most of them will come with instructions for you to follow. You do need to have the right tools. If any of your tools are not working correctly, you can find DeWalt parts here to replace them.

Adding Insulation

Some homeowners will qualify for new insulation material to be added to their home. Check for rebate programs in your area. Insulation will help to reduce your energy costs as it will prevent heat from escaping from the home. Recyclable materials have been used in many of the new insulation materials, helping to make your home “green”.

These are just a few simple things to get started with. As you notice a difference on your energy bill, consider some other upgrades to your home like adding solar panels. Changing to low-impact lawn can also consume less water.


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