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Posted by Mikalah On February - 6 - 2013 0 Comment

If you make  some small changes to your  regular routine and behavior it should help you to save and survive the recession. The changes should all be small and not too painful or drastic but be enough to see you through the difficult times that are affecting us all.

The good news is that not only will you save money but you will also be helping to save the Polar Bear. You ask yourself, how come helping yourself also helps save the Polar Bear?

To explain, the ice at the pole is melting which is reducing the habitat of the Polar Bears. The melting is taking place because there  has been an increase in the surface of global surface temperatures.  The surface temperatures have increased as a result of global warming.

Global warming is probably caused by the increase in greenhouse gas concentrations. One of these green house gases is Carbon Dioxide, CO2 which has been created by the burning of fossil fuels and vegetable matter.

We all in our daily lives cause green house gases to be produced. These gases are produced because more often than not fossil fuels have been burnt when we  heat and light for our houses or use a car or a bus.

All of the greenhouse gases that the individual produces has a tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent. This equivalent is known as the Carbon Footprint of the individual.

In order to reduce your carbon footprint or the  amount of green house gases that you produce it is necessary to reduce the quantity of fossil fuels that are burnt for you to go about your daily life.  If we can all reduce the fossil fuels that are burned for us, we will reduce the greenhouse gases are produced, and eventually turn this environmental disaster around. This in turn will reduce the warming of the surface of the globe which helps the Polar Bear.

There are three broad areas where we can all make savings in the consumption of fossil fuels and the production of green house gases. These are  as follows:

  • Heating
  • Travel
  • Food

In the next post, I will elaborate how you can help the Polar Bear while at the same time you will be making some savings. This should  help your bank balance and make you sleep better.


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